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intuitive  coaching

Stop doubting yourself!

Use the 3Cs to connect to your inner wisdom.

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Whether your challenges are around relationships, career, food, purpose or life-changes in general, I know that the most important action you can take is to seek assistance.


Asking for help doesn't mean giving your decision-making power to someone else. Or at least it shouldn't. 


Asking for help & finding a good intuitive coach means finding someone who listens. . . feels. . . intuits. . . reflects. . . shares. . . re-frames & re-focuses your energySomeone who puts you in the driver's seat.  


A great intuitive coach teaches you how to be your own coach  so you can see & feel the clues (aka signs) to keep yourself focused & on the right track. 


I'll do all that PLUS teach you the 3Cs so you can get calm, clear & connect to your own inner wisdom.



Card Reading | $75

Time to explore the cards

you were dealt & your

cosmic compatibility.

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1:1 Coaching | $125

Slingshot yourself right past self-doubt to find clarity & purpose.

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Integration Assist | $75

When an assist to integrate what came up in

breathwork is needed.

coaching sessions

discover the cards

To trust yourself, you have to know yourself. Uncover the truth about
 the cards you were dealt. 

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let's connect!

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