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That feeling. You know, the one. . . that there’s something more out there 

more success. . . more passion. . . more purpose. . . more life. . . move love. . . well, it’s true

And we both know it.

It’s why you’re here.

You’re ready to start living with your heart wide-the-fuck open.

Because that’s where your true power resides. . . in your heart. 

Not in your mind or your ego.

Your heart.

And with your heart informing your thoughts, actions & emotions,

there’s nothing you can’t do.

That's right, I said "nothing".


So, are you ready

to breathe new energy into your life


live like the boss that you are?

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Candy's vibe is legit. I love having her in my ears coaching me through the tough and easier parts of class, I love hearing her get emotional because the intentions she's setting are not just powerful for us to hear them but for her to be giving them as well, I especially love when she drops the occasional F bomb, and I even enjoy the music she picks. If you feel like you're being called to expand and grow but don't know where to start - start here.
You won't regret it.
Kyle M

meet candy 

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why i do it

what i do

facilitate breakthroughs so you don't have a (nother?) breakdown by leveraging my skills, experiences, ability to real talk the shit out of you with love. . . real love for you to be able to be the best version of yourself, hence the title.

Whether you feel stuck in a rut. . . relationship. . . career. . .

spiral. . . limiting belief. . . program. . . or just don't know what's next, I can help.

My specialty is helping you to tap into your inner wisdom. . . that true knowing. . . basically, your heart so you can bust through what's been holding you back, using whichever modalities my inner wisdom (heart) guides me to use.

how i do it

Certifications: 500 hr RYT | Acupressure | Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis | Breathwork Facilitator | Coach, Institute of Food Psychology | Gottman Relationship Training Level 1 | Reiki Master | Shamanic Rites | Third Eye Activation | Yin Yoga

Areas of Study: Cardology | Human Design | Advanced HypnoTherapy | Meditation | NLP | Life

I've spent most of my life experiencing breakthroughs. . . from glass ceilings to abusive relationships to limiting beliefs & programming. I've learned so much by trial & error. . . by learning & applying those lessons to my own life to see what works & what doesn't.


Divorces (yes, plural). Affairs (yes, plural). Unexplainable health issues (yes, plural). I was under 40 experiencing early onset Alzheimers & adrenal fatigue.

So after 15 years as an executive in a publicly-traded tech company, I had a fat bank account but was physically & emotionally bankrupt

As successful I was in my professional life, I was equally failing in my personal life. I did a great job of caring for everyone but myself. 

Something clearly had to change! After 18 months of planning, I quit. I quit the rat race to focus on the most important race there is . . . the human race, specially me. 

I dove into metaphysics focusing first on my own personal health & wellness journey and then turning my attention to how I could help others.

If my story resonates - either personally, professionally or because of the work you do to help others - let's talk. I'd love to get to know you . . .  work together . . . grow together. . . & kick-ass together!

Ready to breathe new energy into your life &  live like the boss that you are?!? Let's do it!

playing to win

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