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Breathe new energy into your life

Those that know me know that when I find something that "works". . . something that changes my life. . . something that can change the world one human. . . or couple. . . or group. . . at a time, I dive in.

Breathwork is one of those things.

As a yogi & yoga teacher, breathwork isn't new to me. Pranayama is an important part of any practice. And there are some really great options to build energy or calm the fuck down.

But I'm not talking about pranayama.

I'm talking about active, shit-clearing, clarity-bringing, emotion-releasing, connection-creating, bliss-causing breathwork.

I'm talking about conscious connected breathing.

Not gonna lie, this type of healing found me a couple of years ago & I ignored it. I didn't like the teacher. . . I didn't like the circle of sharing before & I didn't like the sharing after. (And y'all know I looooooove sharing.)

In Mexico, the breathwork called to me again.

This time, I found a beautiful teacher @thelifeyoulove . . . right place, right time & I felt my heart crack wide the fuck open.

After that I was on a mission to learn more & to figure out how this could become a more consistent part of my healing journey.

I tried another style while in Tulum & while it was useful, I didn't love it. It was softer. . . more feminine & started with ecstatic dancing. I fucking hate ecstatic dance. #sorrynotsorry (don't force me to dance to your shitty taste in music. . . ever!)

More searching & I finally found @jonpaulcrimi . . . #gamechanger

His style was more assertive (like mine). He coached & pushed & motivated & held space like a muthafucker & played music that touched my soul.

I started taking his online classes while in Tulum & loved them. I could feel layers of buried emotions clearing out of my system.

So naturally, when I got an email about his upcoming IN PERSON teacher training, I was all in.

This past weekend, I spent 4 days learning & breathing & crying & laughing with the most amazing group of humans.

I'm exhausted & energized in a way I haven't been in a very, very long time.

This was the final key to unlock my purpose. . . my passion. . . & my potential.

I can't wait to start offering sessions & classes. 🌬️❤️🙏


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