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Day 155: A lifestyle portfolio

Updated: Dec 31, 2021


It’s no secret that I’ve been a little cranky with myself for the amount of stuff I’m juggling.  Having gotten a major task off my to do list yesterday, I think more than anything I was cranky because I wasn’t moving stuff forward.  I was taking small bites of everything but never completely finishing anything.  

It’s kinda like sitting down to eat dinner but all you’re really doing is moving your food around…and then your mom says you can’t leave the table until you clean your plate…and you realize how much food is actually still on your plate. Gulp!!

That’s how I was feeling and why I was starting to stress.  It felt like there wasn’t enough time for me to eat everything that was on my plate…because I wasn’t actually putting anything in my mouth.

When I finally got what felt like a large assignment across the finish line, I let out a successful sigh and thought to myself — believe it or not — “I think I could take something else on…wonder what…”  The thought was fully formed before I could retract it…kinda like those silly email retract notices you get…well after you’ve already read the email.  Pointless.

Knowing my ability to manifest, I started to worry about what I might have invited to come my way…and if I really did have extra time to take on something new.  I mean, I do still have a business to get up and running…and that needs to be my priority.

I’d almost forgot about the invitation when a business woman and friend approached me about a new opportunity after SUP class last night.  As she was describing her idea, I thought it sounded awesome.  The more she talked, the more I began to wonder what my role in this effort might be…so I asked.  The answer…an amazing opportunity to consider if things work out.

If things don’t work out, at least I learned a little bit more about myself as I’ve continued to contemplate the “what ifs”.  The mere conversation has forced me to think about what my life could look like…and yet again, what I might want it to look like.

After telling Mr. Universe, he joking asked why I can’t just be happily retired…ironing his shirts…taking care of the puppy.  

Great question…I guess the real answer is that I retired from my old job, but not life.  I’m not ready to hang it up.  I’m just ready to do things that I love.  To lead a ‘portfolio lifestyle’, as they call it…Maybe that means teaching yoga…opening a coaching business…volunteering…moving more toward a full-time job…or some mix of all of the above.  

Whatever ends up in my ‘portfolio’ will be there because I want it to be…and it will become a part of who I am. I’ll do it wholeheartedly…but my priority going forward will always be myself…and the people/pets I love.  So while I might not be sitting at home with Sheba & Puzzle ironing Mr. Universe’s shirts, they will be a priority in whatever job I decide to throw myself into.

And I, for one, can’t wait to see what that is….


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