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Day 185: Looking forward to the next trip

Updated: Jan 1, 2022


We’re heading home today after spending the day in Boulder yesterday.  To my delight, Mr. Universe fell in love with Boulder just like I did…just like Kilo did.  My hope of someday living there is still alive and well.

Overall the trip was a success with just one lover’s quarrel…which isn’t bad considering the unique circumstances:   This was our first time traveling together.

As a seasoned traveler, I have high expectations for a travel companion.  I have no issues guiding those less experienced, but Mr. Universe is a strong personality…not one to easily be guided sometimes.  But it was irrelevant because he’s travelled a fair amount too so our “assertive” travel styles meshed well.

Then consider that the first half or so of the trip was spent meeting his old friends and taking trips down memory lane.  This could have been a stressor but his friends were awesome, especially Mr. Flash who I desperately hope to hang with again.  And the hours spent in the car…well, they turned out to be sweet.  He was just so darn excited to share a part of his life I’d never seen.

Mix in the fact that this is the first time I’ve ever taken a trip without knowing exactly where I was staying each night…and it should have been a recipe for disaster.  Somehow, though, it all worked out.  

Each day we’d make a loose plan for the next day, including determining where we were going to stay.  Because of all my previous travel and spending habits, we had points on points on points to leverage which made the experience somehow that much more fun.

So all that…first time vacation…meeting new friends…each day staying in a different place…all that and we only had one fight.  I’d call that a successful vacation!  Maybe others wouldn’t because it wasn’t perfect.  But in my book…with two dominating personalities…this was a huge success…and the imperfection made it perfect…real.

And best of all, we’re both looking forward to the next trip.  🙂


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