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Day 200: The kind of shit you see on YouTube

Updated: Jan 3, 2022


That’s right…I said a coach…an adult…shoved a child to the ground. All because the coach got pissed that the kid had shoved his son to the ground.  Um…this is football.  I thought the point was to shove each other to the ground.

Now granted, it was a late hit…but still, that’s a part of the game…and why there’s a penalty called “a late hit”.  Because it happens.  What doesn’t happen…or at least isn’t supposed to happen is adults (coaches) shoving kids down.

As if that wasn’t enough, as the coach left the field after his ejection he was shaking his head and trying to blame the kid.  He looked into the crowd, probably expecting to see the fans agreeing with him, only to hear yours truly yell out “You’re a jackass”.

He was stunned.  He tried to defend himself but there was no defense.  I not so politely reminded him that he’s an adult and there’s never a justification to push a child…and I may have dropped an f-bomb in my explanation.

In small town Indiana it’s not surprising when the rich bratty kid grows up to be a rich bratty adult.  It’s so not surprising that most people don’t say anything. They just shake their head in silence.  Well, not this gal.  I’ve never been one to sit in silence…to not voice an opinion over an unjust act.  I’ve never shied away from saying what others won’t…don’t…can’t.

And that’s what happened today….and that’s why I don’t go home often.  There are too many dumbasses for my liking.  Too many people that think they’re a big deal when they’ve never left the comfort of their parent’s teet.  Never learning to be a man in their own right.  Never learning tolerance…compassion…kindness.

I suppose you could say the same of me given my reaction to the situation. Was I tolerant of an adult shoving a child?  No.  Did I have compassion for an adult that behaved like an imbecile?  No. Was I kind to him?  No.

Does that make me a jackass?  No.

It’s ok to speak our truth…especially when we’re standing up for those that can’t stand up for themselves.  As adults, it’s our job to protect…nurture…support…and set a positive example for our children.  And by “our”, I mean any and every child.  It takes a village, people…


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