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Day 214: Karma’s a bitch…in a good way

Updated: Jan 5, 2022


Today I woke up thinking about karma.  Correction…today I didn’t sleep and then realized I had been awake for HOURS thinking about karma.  Double correction…I thought I was awake thinking about karma and then I realized I’d fallen asleep in the wee hours of the AM only to wake up…drenched in sweat…having experienced a karmic nightmare.

So all day I’ve been thinking about this…the cause and effect that occurs when you believe in karmic reactions.  All day I’ve wondered if some of my current fears are a result of past indiscretions.

Finally, I resolved myself to the fact that much, if not all, of the cosmic karmic lesson is to be aware and attune to how and when it might occur.  That the karmic infraction is the pain…the worry…the wondering…that occurs from trying to connect dots that may or may not ever connect.

The mere fact that I spent so much time thinking about all of this is, in fact, the lesson.  I’m more aware of what it feels like to worry…to be hurt…to question. I’m more aware of how I want to grow and continue to heal.  I’m more aware of the circle of life by means of hurting and healing.

I’m karmically in tune with everything around me.  Some call her a bitch…and I agree, but in a good way.


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