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Day 263: Lucky in life

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Last night was Mr. Universe’s holiday party.  Having worked for a company that had smaller offices scattered across the country, it was pretty different for me to be at a holiday party with over 500 people, especially when you consider that the majority of that 500 are sales people.  The room was popping, to say the least.

I noticed a couple of things.  The owners of the company seemed truly grateful for all the hard work of those they were honoring with the party.  They recognized individuals for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25…even 35 years of service with the Group.  And it genuinely seemed like they knew these folks.  As I looked around, everyone seemed to be smiling…laughing…slapping each other on the back.

After the years of service recognition, we were turned loose with cards pre-loaded with $2500 to try our luck at whatever gambling game suited our fancy…blackjack, poker, roulette….you name it, they had it.  

The point of the gambling was to cash out for tickets to enter you into a drawing at the end of the night.  There were prizes on prizes on prizes…and it kept people together for the whole event.  Why eat and run when you could gamble and have a chance at winning at prize??

For the record, I told Mr. Universe we were winning a prize…and sure enough. Our ticket was called pretty late so the choices were limited but we were still winners.  And that was exactly how we felt last night.  Hanging with friends…making new friends…winning prizes…and just generally being lucky in life.  It was a lovely night.  I’m super glad Mr. Universe works where he does.  It’s a great group of people.

Oh, I almost forgot!  They had psychics there too.  I, of course, waited in line and managed to be the very last person seen before they left.  She read my palm.  She noted the “M” in my palm.  It stands for money and she said it comes easy to me.  I will be successful in business.  I’m psychic and like to help people.  

On the relationship front she said there had been a man in my life that got away…and that was good.  She said the man that I’m with now is the person I’m supposed to be with.  She also said she saw two children.  Mr. Universe already has one so maybe she’s seeing the same thing the other palmist saw.  He, too, noted that there would be a child.  A boy…although he didn’t think it was biological.

Guess we’ll see what happens.


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