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Day 290: Crazy is a perfectly acceptable part of life

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


I had someone make a comment to me about my blog once.  They said that my writings were all over the place.  One day the message was uplifting.  The next day, I was venting over some frustration.  The next after that, happy and in love. And after that, pissed.

Um, yah, that pretty much sums up my blog…emotions…and life.  When I sit down to write, I share…release…whatever is going on that I feel I need to write about.  Sometimes I want to capture the happiness…gratitude…of a moment.  Other times I want to release some negative energy I’m carrying around.

It’s not like each day is all puppies and rainbows and the next is all thunderstorms and flat tires.  Each day is both…all that and then some.  In the course of a day I may volley between several emotions and back again.  And that’s ok.  

Somewhere along the line I feel like there’s an unwritten expectation that to be a happy person you always have to be happy.  If you want people to see you as a positive force, there can’t be any negative energy.

That’s nonsense.  If there aren’t down times, you’ll never know what it feels like to be up.  If there aren’t dark days, you’ll never appreciate the light.  Besides, life isn’t a 24×7 Facebook highlight reel…no matter what we try to portray or tell ourselves.  

Life is real.  It’s messy.  Uplifting.  Sad.  Happy.  Dark.  Light.  It’s full of tears…some from laughter and some from sadness.  It’s full of laughter…some because we’re overjoyed and some because we’re on the edge of losing our minds. (You know, that maniacal laugh…)

We are each uniquely imperfect and with that comes all the emotions…all the imbalance…all the turmoil…all the everything…of living an authentic life.  Sure, I could only write about happy stuff.  I could hide the bad from view.  I could shame myself into pushing anything negative down and out of sight.  But what would be the point in that???

I’d never learn from feeling my way through my emotions.  I’d never grow by releasing the energy that holds me back.  I’d never help others to see that crazy is a perfectly acceptable part of life.  If we can’t accept these flaws…shortcomings…imperfections…in ourselves, we’ll never accept them in others. Which will result in a very lonely and disappointing life.

Is my relationship with Mr. Universe perfect?  Hell no!  Is my relationship with anyone perfect?  Absolutely not.  Is my relationship with myself perfect?  Not yet.  But I’m working on it every day.  I’m not working to never have a bad day.

I’m working to accept myself and love myself regardless of the type of day I’m having.  I’m working to stop being so critical of myself.  To stop getting frustrated because I got frustrated…because all it does is leave me more frustrated!  Geez!

I’m a work in progress and because I know this, I’m better able to see…and deal with…the fact that you are too.  And by doing so, it’s just that much easier to have a better day…a brighter outlook…a fuller heart.

I’m ok knowing that crazy is a perfectly acceptable part of life.  Are you?


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