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Day 301: Happy birthday to me

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Now I’m sure Mother Nature didn’t whip this up as a birthday surprise just for me but it feels special nonetheless.

Despite the weather I’ve been fortunate to have had amazing birthdays spent traveling and/or surrounded by loved ones and this year is really no different…well, except the fact that my life is completely different.  I mean, there’s that…

So far today I got special birthday wishes from my mom, Grandma, and step-dad…breakfast with Mr. Universe and his daughter…worked out with my step-daughter…received lots of love via Facebook, texts, and email…and had lunch with two of my besties, Man of the Year and Kilo…and it’s not even 2:00 yet!

Upon arriving home to “Candy’s Wild Kingdom” as Man of the Year wants to rename my house on Foursquare, I was greeted by not only Sheba but Solomon AND Puzzle.  It was like all of Nature was conspiring to wish me a happy birthday.

I know some people say, “Oh, it’s just another day…why make such a big deal out of a birthday…”  Dude!  A birthday is a huge freaking deal.  It’s the day you were presented to the Universe.  The day you were unwrapped…gifted to the World…to bring forth all your beauty…talents…love.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that your birthday should be at least a week long celebration.  One day just isn’t enough to celebrate how awesome a human life is.  I think if we valued ourselves more…I mean, valued ourselves for what we are worth…everyone would agree.  Each human is a walking gold mine!  And that deserves more than a day of celebrating.

Think about the capacity one person has to change the world.  Think about all the people that have impacted your life…you are on someone’s list too.  Think about how many people…and animals…you care for.  The difference you make in those people’s lives and the ripple effect that has on humanity.  Damn straight we should celebrate being born for more than one day.  We are each…every single one of us…a big fucking deal!

Speaking of animals, Solomon.  Our new puppy that we fretted wasn’t going to fit into our family.  Well, let’s just say the little guy settled down and warmed up to his new home.

You can find him and Sheba regularly snuggled up on the couch or their dog bed together, keeping each other warm.  And if they aren’t sleeping, they are playing with a force I’ve not seen before.  I guess it’s ok.  They both seem to like to play rough.  Must be a bulldog thing.

Solomon now sleeps on his back…rolls over onto his back when playing with Sheba…and lets me hold him on his back.  All huge improvements.  Oh, did I mention that at 9 weeks old, he can already sit….knows what “no” means…goes in and out the dog door…and goes to his dog bed when told to???  That’s right.  He’s either a genius or I’m the next Caesar Milan…or both.

Our animal kingdom is living in harmony.  Even Puzzle seems to like the new puppy because it means Sheba is no longer pursuing Puz.  She’s got her eyes set on the newest addition….and that makes everyone happy.

Tonight my bestest besties are coming over to meet Solomon…feast on some amazing food (prepared by them, not me)…play some games…celebrate my birthday…and genuinely enjoy each others’ company.

As I head into this new year, I feel like I’ve stepped off the stage and settled into life.  Gone are the feelings of obligations…regrets…worry…insecurities.  In their place is a sense of knowing who I am…and who I want to surround myself with.  It’s these people and this sense of stepping fully into myself that will fuel my continued evolution.  Doesn’t mean I have everything figured out.  Just means that I have the right people around me to help me do so. 🙂

It’s good to know where you are supposed to be…who is supposed to be there…and to have arrived just in time.  Happy birthday to me!


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