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Day 71: What happened in the pause

Updated: Dec 25, 2021


My brain first went to…”This is what you get for all those wasted, unappreciated years.  You hurt people so this is payback.  We were waiting until you were really happy to serve up this little goodie.

No no no…that’s not how the Universe works.  It conspires to make you happy…to support you in your dreams…not punish you.  Despite where my brain went, the voice in my head quickly reminded me that I don’t believe – I’ve NEVER believed – that the Universe or God is vengeful.  Sure bad things happen to people.  And yes, I believe in Karma…but with Karma, I feel there’s a direct link between the cause and effect of actions.  I don’t believe Karma lies in wait until things are peachy to punch you in the face.

Once the panic subsided and the rational me got a grip, I realized it’s situations like this…the pause…that are meant to make you step back and appreciate all you have.  To serve as a type of wake up call when you slip into a comfortable zone where you’re only half awake.  I’m preferring to handle this as a gut check to keep me engaged in the moment.  As a reminder of how easy it is to let time slip away….something I’ve been doing my whole life.

But the purpose of my retirement is to stop taking time for granted.  To honor its fleeting nature.  To respect that it is finite.  To live a purposeful life…be bold…take risks.  To appreciate everything I have and the amazing people I’m surrounded by.  To have no regrets.

We don’t have an infinite amount of time.  And since we don’t know our expiration date, I think the best option is to live each day to the fullest.  To ask yourself what is it that you truly want out of life.  And then dive in and get it.  What’s the worst that can happen?

Right.  Time to conquer each day!


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