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Day 92: Dream the most amazing life possible…and then live it

Updated: Dec 26, 2021


In particular, I love this quote…

“You have the power to create.  Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true.  You create yourself, whatever you believe you are.  You are the way you are because that is what you believe about yourself.” 

Nailed it!  I think about how I lived my life for so many years…it was a direct reflection of what I thought about my life…and myself.  I thought I was unworthy of love…so I was.  I thought I couldn’t have exactly what I wanted because what I wanted wouldn’t want me…so that’s what I settled for.  I thought I could only be moderately happy…so I was.  I thought I had to dedicate my life to my career…so I did.  I thought I would never find a man worthy of having a family with…so I resigned myself.

Through a number of things…yoga…the Shamans…Princess Grace…books…I started to realize I had more control over my life than I’d taken responsibility for.  As a result of a lot of baby steps, I started to see and feel changes.  I had given all my power over to my past…to others…to my fears.  I was living anything but a present, mindful life.  I was making fear-based decisions.  Fear of being alone.  Fear of not being able to take care of myself.  Fear of not having enough.  Fear of not being liked…or loved.  All that fear stemmed from not loving myself.

It sounds easy…just love yourself..but it’s not.  I think it’s the hardest thing we learn to do, unless we’re blessed from the get go with parents that love themselves.  Now that I’ve rounded the corner, I can see it so clearly in others.  I can see who loves themselves and who doesn’t by their words, actions, body language.  It’s obvious…and heartbreaking.  So many wonderful people sit in the same cycle I did.

At 41, I am retired.  I own my home.  I may never have to work again.  I’m in a relationship with Mr. Universe.  My life is moving in a completely different trajectory than I ever would have expected two years ago.  Luckily, I finally figured out that there was more to life than chasing a paycheck…than making my job my sole priority…than dating people that weren’t offering anything back to me…than being alone….than living in fear of all the “what ifs”.

I figured out that I have the power to create.  That my power is so strong that whatever I believe comes true.  That I create whatever I believe.  That I am the way I am because that is what I believe about myself.  And I believe I am worthy of love…because I love myself.  I believe there is way more to life than a corporate job and a paycheck.  I believe life is about experiences and being surrounded by quality people that help me to grow…and I, them.  I believe life is about the love we make…the love we give…and then the love we receive.

If you haven’t read The Mastery of Love, Mr. Universe and I think you should.  I mean, no matter how perfect, there’s always room for our lives to be a little better and I think this book might help to get you there.  No more fear…no more living a lie.  Oh, and if you’re afraid to read the book because it might upset your reality…well then, you, my friend, need this more than the rest of us.  Bust out of your ruts and live to your full potential.  Dream the most amazing life possible…and then live it!


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