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Fare thee well

That was the song playing when I crawled into my packed car with Sheba after the movers loaded the last of my house into the truck.

Relocating my home base was a bittersweet decision. But once I allowed myself to open to the question of moving, the answer was easy & obvious.

See, that's what I've been telling my Universe. Make the answers easy & obvious. I don't have the time or energy for riddles anymore.

And boy did they. They made the answer so easy & obvious that I'm moving. Correction, I've moved.

It was a little over a month ago when i started toying with the idea.

Part of me has known for a while that it was time to go. I just didn't know where. So I started asking for some signs... make it easy & obvious.

When I told my realtor I was thinking about moving & might want to sell my house, she asked if I could be out in 2 weeks so we could get it on the market by the end of the month.

I told her I wanted to think about it & then I remembered how I had said weeks prior that I kinda didn't want to come back from a 2 week visit to see friends & family. But that seemed crazy. There was no way I could move out of my house that quickly.

Yet here I am.... at the beginning of what would have been my 2 week visit to Indiana... officially moved.

(Sure, I'm not moved into my new place yet, but I will be one month from now.)

People say be careful what you ask for. I say ask for what you fucking want.

Be bold. Be brave.

This move doesn't feel like I'm "going back". The me that lived in Indy for 20 years doesn't exist anymore. I'm different. The city is different.

Why am I different? One word: Asheville.

My time in AVL can be summed up by the look on my face.

I met amazing people. Hiked beautiful trails. Absorbed the freedom of a place where anything goes.

But most importantly, I met myself... finally able to see my true beauty, access my gifts and feel the freedom of being me.

Thank you, Asheville. Your healing powers healed me. My gratitude is bigger than words. I will do my best to be the fullest expression of myself wherever I go.

And for the record, I will be back!

To my dear friends.... Thank you. I love you. 🥰


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