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Finding balance

Fall is finally making its way to WNC with much cooler temps, beginning tomorrow. 🍂🍃

So today, I hiked one of my favorite trails on Black Balsam Knob. The colors were beautiful. . . oranges. . . yellows. . . reds. (although you can't see any of that in my photos.)

Something else you can't see is the inner turmoil that's been stewing about inside me.

See, when you teach people how to become their own guru & tune into their inner wisdom, you kinda have to do the same for yourself.

So I've been listening to that sweet inner voice. . . seeing the signs. . . feeling my way through options & alternatives.

While I have made some decisions, I can feel that I'm still at the beginning of this course correction.

And that what I most need is to give myself the space & permission to allow things to unfold. . . s . l . o . w . l . y.

At the top of the bald, @laura.haehl & I laid down on the rock & tuned in. Asking questions & listening for answers.

What came forward was a deep desire for self care. To treat myself as I would want my partner / S.O. / lover to treat me.

That this is the time for me to really let go of the need to be doing. . . earning. . . producing. To let go of the masculine & immerse myself in the feminine.

This is my downtime so I can be ready for what's to come.

As a result, I'll be far more balanced when the shift occurs. I won't get swallowed up or lose myself to my work, like I have in the past.

I'll create balance because I'll know what it feels like to be truly cared for. . . by me.

This is some next level shit.


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