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Hold on. . . incoming turbulence

This is how this New Moon in Pisces has me feeling . . . like I'm being blown about & can't find my footing. Down is up & up is down.

Shit is shifting so fast, I'm not quite sure what is real & what's an illusion (I'm sure you have something to do with this, Neptune!). Everything feels a bit dreamy & a tad nightmarish all at the same time. Who's with me???

I'm feeling all the feels of Pisces in my 5th house (Scorpio rising here) where it impacts romance, children, artistry & play. They say this is my spiritual resting place & where I become enlightened. #stillwaiting

I can definitely feel the winds of change blowing away anything that isn't anchored. . . sure. . . steadfast. I know this wind is blowing clear the path forward & I should be thankful buuuuuuut....

In the meantime, I'll just fucking hold on.


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