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It all unfolds from here

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

"It all unfolds from here" is what @mountaintemple (Chris) said as he finished work on my tattoo & I gazed out the window at the #carolinablue sky.

"It all unfolds from here. . ."

So simple, yet so profound.

There's no need to wait or to get somewhere or to be something other than exactly who I am right now in this exact moment. #sweetrelief

From here, anything is possible. From here, my whole life unfolds.

In this now moment, everything begins (again).

That's exactly how I've been feeling lately. Like absofucking everything is so divinely timed. #everything

That in each moment a part of me, if not all of me, feels brand new.

All it takes is a gentle shift in perspective.

Seeing a lesson where there was hurt. Feeling hopeful where there was dread.

Listening to music or nature, watching a comedy, hearing someone else laugh or being inspired by the thoughtful words of another can be such soulful medicine.


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