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When you play the game of thrones

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Shortly after my insightful call with D3 (short for, Dun Dun Duuuuhn and easier to type), he wanted to do a call with my business partner, Princess Grace. Having shared the accuracy of my call with him, she was excited to jump on the phone.

He had cast the line and had begun the process of reeling in his catch…

Things started simple enough. He proposed working with each of us individually in a coaching-type of arrangement. We’d each do one call at the beginning of the week, a booster in the middle (his word) and a 30 minute check in at the end of the week.

In hindsight, that’s a lot of client interaction…but he had asked if we wanted to fast track discovering our blueprints…sooooooo….

Since Princess Grace & I were partners in a couple of businesses, D3 suggested a three-way agreement so he could continue working with us individually, but also as a team. The request seemed to make sense given the amount of overlap in what each of us were discussing with him. Of course we should streamline things…and of course we should sign a three-way coaching agreement.

Wait a minute….

The coaching agreement turned out to be a ridiculous contract with clauses so absurd there was no way it could possibly be legal. Despite that or because of it, we signed the dotted line. And we might have well signed in blood because that was the feeling I had in my gut shortly after the ink dried. Like we had signed something that would cause a time ripple…you know, fucking significant.

So, January 1, 2018 we started our sessions with D3.

I felt a mixture of exhilaration and dread. The work was grueling in a way that’s hard to explain. Each call was like being filleted psychically…each trauma & trigger like a bone being exposed, removed & discarded. It was exhausting.

As weeks turned into months, the exhaustion built upon itself. The amount of time we spent interacting with D3 increased. If we weren’t doing sessions with him, he was texting or emailing. There was always something he was “suggesting” we should be doing. And whenever we pushed back, he would point to our “resistance” as an issue to be explored & healed.

In other words, pushing back was not an option. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die…


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