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corporate breathwork

There's never enough time to do everything that needs to be done so why put another thing on your plate. . . or your team's plate?

Breathwork will actually help you & your team to prioritize what's most important, increase productivity, stimulate creativity & feel rejuvenated.

Struggling to find answers to those pesky, yet "important" problems? Try laying down & breathing with me. I bet the answers magically appear.

(And yes, your breath is THAT powerful.) 

We get there by using a powerful breathing technique based on Conscious Connected Breathing or Circular Breathing. It's an active, powerful breath, just like you.

This experience will be uniquely tailored to your team based on your unique intention/goal for the session.

Prices depend on number of attendees, location & length of engagement (1 hour, half day, multi-day events). 

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This could be you in a corporate breathwork class
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