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Day 162: Joan Rivers…I love her for all of it

Updated: Dec 31, 2021


She laughed at her owns jokes.  She was crass.  She swore like a sailor. She talked about things that are supposed to be taboo.  She was opinionated and unfiltered.  She put her whole life on public display by making it…even the serious stuff…the butt of her own jokes.

And I love her for all of it.

Joan River passed today.  I was on the treadmill at the gym when the story broke.  I’m not exactly sure why but I felt my stomach drop just a bit.  My legs got heavy.  It was a little harder to breathe.  I wanted to stop running and bow my head.

There was something about this fiercely strong, defiant woman that I could relate to.  And as cliche as it is, I didn’t realize I felt a connection until news of her death.  I think more than anything, she didn’t get hung up on the “shoulds”.  She did Joan because that’s who she was.  It wasn’t a gimmick…her jokes were real…real life.

She was shunned for being herself…shut out of the Hollywood glamour…an outcast of sorts, but that didn’t stop her.  I’m guessing if anything it fueled her to push forward and stay true.

I wish there were more people like Joan…more women like Joan.  I wish more of us didn’t let society define how we should talk…what we should or shouldn’t say…put us in our place.  

I wish more of us would turn away from being “PC” in exchange for being real…honest.  Not for the sake of hurting anyone but for the sake of healing…and living.

Joan knew that the best way to begin the healing process was to laugh.  To laugh at the things we can’t control…don’t understand…make us sad.  And by laughing, we begin the process of letting go of the pain.  With so much pain in the world lately, I hope more of us find ways to laugh…and to make those around us laugh.

I’m sure the After Life is a lot more fun with Joan and Robin hanging out there.  Much love and much laughter….


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