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Day 203: You do have a choice

Updated: Jan 3, 2022


This video may explain better than any other my love/hate relationship with facebook.  It puts into words my personal struggle with balancing being plugged in versus tuned in.

Prince Ea nails the plague of an (anti) social network where so much personal worth is wrapped up in how many likes received on a photo or how many comments on a joke…announcement…personal commentary.

In real life we don’t have 20…100…600+ friends.  According to NBC, the average person has two confidantes…TWO!  

So why do we…why do I…get so consumed with what the other 695 are doing?

And if I really want to know, why don’t I ask them…call them…meet them out for coffee?  Because it isn’t about knowing how people feel.  Facebook exists to mainly make us feel good about ourselves.  It’s a stage from which we present our best self to the rest of the world.

Put down the phone…walk away from the computer…stop typing the blog…and go live.  You do have a choice.  You have a choice to live in the real world with your real friends.  To make and feel the connection.  To hug them.


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