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Day 277: Let the adventure begin

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Well the hard part is over.  This morning we loaded up the car, grabbed the animals, and headed to Camp Grandma’s.  Puzzle and Sheba were little troopers, both curled up in the backseat.  Puzzle in his cat carrier and Sheba on her red fuzzy blanket.

Puzzle’s quite familiar with the process.  So much so I’m starting to wonder if he might prefer Camp Grandma’s to being home.  

He gets the kind of attention he used to get from me…before I developed an eye irritation to his fur. Now petting him means immediately washing my hands or paying the price with swollen and itchy eyes.

Sheba, on the other hand, is still adjusting to being dropped off and picked up. Since bringing her home in July, we’ve been almost inseparable with just two short vacations away from each other.  I know she’s in good hands – the best, actually – but it’s still hard to leave her.

I keep telling myself that it’ll be good for both of us.  Good for her to have a new place to explore and new friends to meet and for me to have some down time.  A week of no one to walk or feed, except myself and Mr. Universe.  😉

With the animals safely secured at Camp Grandma’s, we are on our way to Chicago.  To spend the day exploring and watching football before jetting off to paradise tomorrow.

Let the adventure begin!


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