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Day 282: January wedding

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


On the drive to Aloha Beach in Kihei yesterday, Mr. Universe told me that he’d picked out a song for our wedding.  

Not a song to be played on the ukelele but a song that he thought was perfect for our wedding…and our relationship that he wanted to play for me.  

Little did he know it is one of my favorite songs by the Avett Brothers. 

It was January Wedding.  I used to think how lovely it’d be to marry in January just so I could call this song mine, but always shook off the notion because January is cold…and my birthday month…and who really wants to get married in January!?!?

Well, I guess I did….because that’s exactly what I did yesterday.  And I completely forgot about the song!  But Mr. Universe didn’t…and the best part is, he didn’t even know.  I’d never told him how much I loved that particular Avett Brothers’ song…or that I wished it could be my song.

So we played it in the car on the drive.  The lyrics are just as perfect as I imagined they’d be if I ever had a January wedding.  Here’s a live recording and the lyrics:

She keeps it simple

And I am thankful for her kind of lovin’

‘Cause it’s simple

No longer do we wonder if we’re together

We’re way past that

And I’ve already asked her

So in January we’re gettin’ married

She’s talkin’ to me with her voice

Down so low I barely hear her

But I know what she’s saying’

I understand because my heart and hers are the same

And in January we’re getting’ married

And I was sick with heartache

And she was sick like Audrey Hepburn when I met her

But we would both surrender

True love is not the kind of thing you should turn down

Don’t ever turn it down

I hope that I don’t sound too insane when I say 

There is darkness all around us

I don’t feel weak but I do need sometimes for her to protect me

And reconnect me to the beauty that I’m mission’

And in January we’re gettin’ married

No longer does it matter what circumstances we were born in

She knows which birds are singing’

And the names of the tress where they’re performin’ in the mornin

And in January we’re gettin’ married

Come January let’s get married

And just like that…it happened.

Oh, did I mention the irony that every New Year’s Eve the Avett Brothers play a show in their hometown?  My favorite band plays a show every NYE…so I might be able to hear January Wedding someday on the eve of my anniversary…or maybe even at midnight.  There are no coincidences, people…just intentions.  :))


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