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Giving myself freedom

I can't tell you how long I considered buying these bright ass pants.

They fit perfectly.

It was the color. So bright. So bold. I'm not THAT girl, I told myself.

I need to stick with what I'm comfortable in. . . black, denim, green, I said repeatedly.

I left the store without them. And I haven't stopped thinking about them or wondering if I should go back. 🤔

See it's not really about the pants (well maybe a little).

It's about how I see myself & want to be seen (or not be seen).

These adorable pants were an in-your-face reminder that I'm still hiding some part of myself.

A tender part of myself that still feels shy. . . Or embarrassed. . . Or like she needs to blend in. . . To fit in.

A part of myself that gives way too many fucks about something outside of my control. . . What other people think.

The craziest part of this is that I live in a city where people wear anything & everything whenever & wherever they want. #828isgreat

I've never lived in a place that's so fashion free. . . not forward, just free.

So here I am. . . surrounded by the freedom to prance about in those amazing pants, yet sitting squarely in a self constructed box of fear.

The yearn for freedom is something that has driven me my whole life.

And the irony is that the times I've felt most trapped are the times I was the one constructing & locking the cage.

Since coming back from Mexico & diving into my breathwork practice, I've started to see my self imposed limits so clearly.

I might not always catch them in the moment, but I know the pattern now. . .

When something sticks with me or I feel resistance, there's something to dig into.

So, here I sit. . . Still thinking about those fucking pants. Wondering if they're still at the store. Wondering if I'm ready to give myself the true #freedom to rock them in public.



What are you holding yourself back from? 👇

What #cage have you constructed for yourself?👇

What limiting #beliefs are no longer serving you?👇



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