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No more holding back

I did it! ✈️

In March I was sitting in an adorable thatched Italian restaurant in Tulum & my boyfriend (at the time) said he was going to spend a month or two in Tulum this coming winter.

I had been sitting there contemplating something similar so I said "I think I might spend a month here myself."

He quipped back, "Maybe we'll be here together."

I responded in a coy-fashion, "Maybe."

In that moment, hearing my response, I knew the relationship was going to end long before we'd make it back to Tulum. And a part of me was totally ok with that. . . even though another part would be devastated.

This weekend, I did it. I booked my solo month in Tulum.

The energy I felt when I booked was the same I had felt when I made my declaration in March.

No nervous excitement, just a deep knowing that this was something I was going to do.

I've always had dreams. . . things I've wanted to do & experience. But I've held back on several in the hopes that my person would be there with me. #nomore

There's no reason to wait.

I'm not getting any younger & who's to say I won't meet the most amazing person ON my trip? Or maybe we'll meet months prior & he will decide to join me for part of my excursion?

Or, who's to say this won't be the most incredible solo trip ever & I'll be so happy that I did it alone?

Point is, I trust myself to make the right decisions in the moment. I trust that whatever my experience is, is exactly what my experience is supposed to be.

Let's do this!!


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