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The truth is in the pause

Happy New Moon in Aries 🔥

I read this lovely lil book in February with the intention of gifting it to someone special in my life.

But I hesitated. I couldn't bring myself to gift the book. The timing never felt right. So I kept waiting. . . until it was too late. 💔

I can look back & see several instances where I held back on doing or saying or sharing something.

The old me would have gotten stuck in the "what ifs" post break up. Going over & over & over what I should have done differently.

The now me knows to trust those hesitations & pauses. . . whatever the "reason". . . because the heart doesn't hesitate, the mind does. . . so does the ego.

A hesitation means I'm not energetically aligned. . . heart aligned. . . with the moment my mind & ego want to create.

And this book, #thingsiwouldliketodowithyou by @waylonlewis is 💯 percent about living from your heart space. . . about sharing your heart's desires. . . & speaking your truth to call in the love of your life. It's beautifully raw & hopeful & inspiring & written by a man!

This book gave & continues to give me hope that this hopeful (not hopeless) romantic (yes, me!) will find an equally hopeful romantic counterpart. 💗💙

Obviously, this will be part of my New Moon manifesting tonight. 🔥🔥🔥


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