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feel happy, healthy & whole

get calm, clear & connect

be more authentically you


new energy 

into your life



breatkthrough breathwork

What if you could breakthrough years of stored emotions, heartbreak,
disappointments & trauma 

without having to utter a single word?

That's what breathwork does for you. It allows you to release all that shit that you've shoved down because you didn't have time. . . tools. . . or permission to deal with it.


immersive hypnosis

What if you could find the answers to your most pressing questions within yourself?

That's one of the many benefits of hypnosis. . . & my personal favorite.
I love empowering people by teaching them how. . .  & what it feels like. . .
to connect to their inner wisdom (aka higher self).


intuitive coaching

Tired of feeling like you're going it alone?
Ready to have someone on your side helping you to figure shit out?

I get it. I've been there!
Whether your challenges are around relationships, career, purpose or life-changes in general, I know that the most important action you can take is to seek assistance.

immersive  hypnosis

No more feeling down! Immerse yourself in a sacred space  with your higher self. 

hypnosis experience.png

You know the answers to your most pressing questions are out there.


And you've been looking everywhere: friends, family, co-workers, psychics, teachers, gurus, books, videos. 


The problem is: you've been looking for the answers outside yourself


Everything you are searching for. . . that feeling of being at peace & calm. . . finding happiness & joy. . . experiencing love & fulfillment. . . having a clear sense of purpose. . . & finding answers to your most pressing questions. . .  it all comes from within you. 


And I can help you access it. . . all of it. . . using hypnosis to regress the logical mind (aka ego) to create an immersive experience that will connect you to your inner wisdom.

intuitive  coaching

Stop doubting yourself! Use the 3Cs to connect to your  inner wisdom. 

intuitive coaching.png

online courses coming soon!



 for self healing 



 helping others heal 




connect to your inner healer

love notes

sweet musings

let's connect!

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