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2018 was a shit show but not because of Trump

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I’d love to be able to blame the chaos and struggle of 2018 on Trump but I can’t. I mean, I probably could. Based on what I read on social media, you can pretty much blame EVERYTHING on Donald J Trump.

But, if I’m real with myself, I have no one to blame except me. I created this mess…on some level…but why??? Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy…..


Let’s recap the Show of Shit that was 2018. In no particular order, I…

  1. hired a business coach claiming to be an ascended master reincarnate with a seat on the Council of 12 (lots more on all that later),

  2. experienced psychological warfare (yes, it’s a real thing that can apparently happen to real people),

  3. rebranded a business that didn’t need rebranding (see bullet #1),

  4. opened a consulting business with my con man business coach,

  5. traveled to LA to meet my con man business coach in person and was black magic gypsy mind fucked (dude.),

  6. worked on a project to build an artificial intelligence platform that was all about mind control (that’s right, I said mind control),

  7. hired two chefs to open a restaurant that never happened,

  8. invested in a manuscript for a movie that hopefully never happens (again, see bullet #1 and #2),

  9. experienced a level of exhaustion that can only be compared to being a lead zombie in The Walking Dead,

  10. lost all ability to feel joy and the desire to consume much more than Vega shakes at every meal (food is our most intimate relationship and a reflection of mental health),

  11. was fired and repeatedly threatened to be fired by my business coach for not working hard enough (say what?!? I hired you, MFer!),

  12. finally fired said business coach after realizing he was a con man and working with black magic and using psychological mind control techniques (really can’t make this shit up, folks),

  13. shut down my newly rebranded business because it was built on the advice of a con man,

  14. paid my ex, Mr. Not-so-fucking Universe, to go big bang himself (y’all were right but hey, he was my karma card),

  15. spent TWO WHOLE MONTHS puzzling and coloring because I couldn’t manage to do anything else after dealing with all that above shit and needed to re-wire my brain,

  16. sold my house and moved out of the state I had lived in my entire life.

And those were just the big things that come to mind.

So you can see why I can’t really blame Trump. My shit show of a year was personal. But with a few months into the new year and almost 500 miles, I have all the perspective I need to see how beautiful (and necessary) all those experiences were. And that’s what I plan to share. Partially for those that are interested in a behind the scenes scoop, but mainly because writing is how I work things out and let them go.

So grab some popcorn and your favorite blanket and let’s unpack the shitshow that was 2018.


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