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2022 energies

Hello 2022!! 🥂

It is me or does the energy already feel different? 👍 or 👎

The shift started a couple of weeks ago (for me). 👍

Finally, I could feel my motivation coming back. I could feel a sense of purpose grounding into my reality.

Even though that purpose hasn't totally taken shape yet, I can feel it working to manifest itself. . . But in a methodical way, not in a manic or fearful way.

Since moving to Asheville, I've been energetically pulled & pushed in whatever direction the current flowed. #typical

Sitting squarely in the feminine & Yin energy that permeates this area.

It was a completely new experience for me & very much needed.

Needed so I could ultimately remember the need for balance ( I am a 6♦️ after all & 6s are all about finding balance).

What I feel coming online is a life balanced with masculine & feminine energies. . . filled with yin & yang experiences. . . an open hearted & intentional existence.

So even though I feel the uncertainty of change that's coming but not yet arrived, I'm genuinely excited about the possibilities. . . & most importantly, I'm ready.

Let's do this, 2022! 🙌


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