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Find your "mountain"

This is me. Tired. Soooooo tired.

There’s something about these mountains. . . the water. . . the wind that seems to stir everything up for me.

Just being back amongst them pulls to the surface things buried both deep & not so deep.

This past week I experienced 3 #panicattacks . ((Yes, I see the irony in not being able to catch my own breath.)) #breathwork

So I did what I’ve always done when I feel overwhelmed. . . ungrounded. . . a little lost & scared. . . I got myself into nature.

I’m not saying it’s a cure all. . . it’s not. But it helps to create the space. . . to move the energy. . . to shift my perspectives. . . to catch my breath.

It helps in remembering how insufficient & yet how magnificent my time here is.

To remind me that a moment of panic & anxiety is just that. . . a moment. It’s not who I am or what defines me or how I have to live.

These mountains have held more of my tears than I want to admit. I’ve come here to grieve. . . to celebrate. . . to release & to remember.

Unintentionally, these mountains have become my therapist. . . my coach. . . my teacher. . . my friend.

When life gets heavy. . . & it will ((even when it seems like it should be perfect)), get yourself to “your mountain”.

Let her hold you. . . guide you. . . support you. . . when you’re just a little too tired to do it on your own.

Don’t be afraid to lean into it.. to seek its advice. . . to ask for help. Because we all need a little extra help from time to time. . . & that’s ok.


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