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A lot can happen in a year

This was us 365 days ago. . .

Reconnecting in Lexington ((for the first time in far too long)) to celebrate my milestone birthday ((a little early)).

#50 #aquarius #sixofdiamonds

The visit was fun & uplifting & easy. But because of the newfound physical distance between us, we settled into friendship a month or so later.

For the next 10 months or so, we stayed in touch on an almost weekly ((& at times daily)) basis.

We shared dating stories. . . work successes. . . TV recommendations. . . hopes. . . dreams. . . & aspirations.

We communicated openly & honestly, building a beautiful foundation of friendship. . . one day & one interaction at a time.

Fast forward to late August when we connected in Asheville for Justin Lyons birthday. . . our first IRL interaction since January. #leo #fiveofclubs

Without expectation or intention, sparks flew.

Waylon Lewis wrote ((in one of my favorite books — Things I’d Like To Do With You)). . .

“I know what love is and it is friendship, set afire.”

When I read those words, I felt them to be true & here I was actually feeling them. . . & they WERE true. #forreal

So a long-distance relationship began, with the only intention being to protect our friendship.

We visited every couple of weeks. . . 465 miles each way. . . attended amazing concerts. . . travelled. . . & opened ourselves to the possibilities of more.

Almost exactly one year after our visit to Lexington. . . we moved into a darling bungalow in Asheville. . . together ((surprise!!)).

If you would have asked me on January 15, 2023 what I thought I’d be doing a year later, there’s no way I would have been able to predict this magical turn of events. #noway

So when you find yourself dreaming about the future & you think that a year either sounds too far away or not far enough for your most fantastic request, don’t hold back. #nolimits


You never know what mountains the Universe might move for you ((or how it might just move you to the mountains)). . .



Don’t fret breathwork babes! Virtual classes, retreats & Indy/Carmel workshops are all in the mix. Let’s dream up some fantastic stuff. . . together!! DM me with your ideas/requests! And be sure to get on my newsletter. Sign up here!

Now go dream. . . BIG!!


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