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A new year, a new me

Yesterday was my birthday 🎉

I don't know about you, but 2021 might have been more challenging than 2020.

Anything & everything I wasn't clear on & hadn't fully dealt with made an appearance including. . . fear of failure, fear of rejection, unworthiness, lack, body issues, codependency, boundaries, ego shit, etc etc etc

It was a year of bringing light to the shadows. And man, am I glad it's over!

Sure, I'm not perfect & there will be more growth but last year packed a punch.

So this year, I spent my birthday with the ancient Mayans (#chichenitza ) . Walking the grounds they walked & releasing all of 2021 into their healing land.

2022 feels personal. . . and life-changing. I have no idea what exactly that means for me yet, but I know I'm stepping into a version of me that is very, very different.

Even though I spent most of yesterday alone, it was by design. What better way to get to know the ever-evolving me than to spend a whole day with just her. ♥️


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