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Ask yourself, "Is this mine?"

Spent some time in nature today hoping to clear whatever was hanging around.

Earlier in the day a heaviness settled in around my heart. It felt sad. . . rooted. . . encompassing.

It caught me off guard. So much so I actually remembered to ask

"Is this mine??"

The answer: no.

I'm so glad I asked because it felt like mine. It felt like the sadness I felt weeks ago. . . right there at the surface all over again.

Immediately after getting the response, it lifted. My eyes stopped watering & I could breathe deep cleansing breaths.

It happened a few more times throughout the day, including on my hike.

Each time, "Is this mine?". . . every response, "No."

If your experiences & emotions don't align today, maybe you're having a similar experience.

If you're carrying a burden in your heart, know that some of us are here to help shoulder the weight.

Get outside & let that shit go. 😘

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