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Broken open

"There are situations in life when you see the value of loss, grief, and a broken heart. Yet it's not the pain or loss itself that must be the focus of your attention here. No, not even the story of what happened, the details surrounding what brought to your knees, is as important as what RESULTS from the experience.
Can you see that this situation has broken you wide open, enabling you to have an even greater capacity for love, compassion, empathy, and understanding? You cannot be the same person as before. The only way forward is to move through it -- without attempting to bargain with unseen forces -- because none of your usual fallbacks can put you back together again.
If you do fall prey to self-absorption or self-pity, it will just make it harder to get to the next gradual phase leading to relief. Yet even if you are prolonging the inevitable, you WILL get there eventually. The gift is in accepting who you've become as a consequence of integrating this difficult experience and allowing yourself to be more than you were. This wisdom comes at a high price, but the value of your experience of moving through and to the other side is unsurpassed. Love the YOU that is a result of being broken open by life's challenges and lessons." - Collette Baron Reid, Oracle of the 7 Energies

I asked for a card for the energies of today . . . And this is perfect!

I feel this on a personal level and a collective level.

We've been through a lot . . . I've been through a lot. But I can see & FEEL the shift coming. ✨💫💖


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