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Buh-bye 2020

Oh 2020. . .

You're like the relationship that post break up, I'm finally able to appreciate the gifts. But in it . . . oh boy! You were a doozy! 👧🏼🔫

So what did I learn??

  1. Being outside is always preferred.

  2. Community is important.

  3. Hugs are the new black dress . . . they go with everything!

  4. I can't hide from myself when there are no distractions.

  5. The love & companionship of an animal trumps almost everything . . . almost.

  6. Time to stop waiting!

  7. Love wins. Love always wins!

Bye 2020. Thanks for everything. Now go!

#hugsnotdrugs #lovewins #getoutside #stopwaiting #suckit2020

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