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Conjuring forth a demon

I can still see the exact moment it happened like it was yesterday.  No, I’m not talking about Mr. Universe. I’m referring to someone…something…far more sinister.

We had agreed there was no other option for us but to divorce and Mr. Universe decided it was my responsibility to officially start the paperwork. As I sat at my dining table staring blankly out into the backyard and contemplating my upcoming divorce, I remember thinking:

“Here I am again. Another relationship ending. Filling unfulfilled professionally. Disconnected from friends, family and myself. I wish someone would just tell me what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.”

I might as well have rubbed a magic bottle or tossed a toad in a pot of boiling water while waving my magic wand because what happened next can only be described as conjuring forth a demon.

Within days of wishing someone would just tell me what to do, I got a LinkedIn message from a man we’ll call….wait for it…

dun dun duhn.png

The context of his message seemed innocent enough. I had just launched a coaching business called Corporate Candy (which I’ve since shut down because the energy of it was tainted thanks to Duhn-Duhn-Duuuuhn) and he thought we might be able to help each other grow our respective businesses. He asked if I’d be willing to hop on the phone and chat about it. He sent me several links to his site and interviews about his work. Seemed harmless enough…

If I’m completely honest, there was an underlining uneasiness from the very beginning. I remember thinking “What harm can come from a phone call? He’s in LA and I’m in Indy. Worse case, I can hang up and block him on social media.”

Ok, look, when shit like that pops into your head…YOU SHOULD LISTEN!!!! The mere fact that I was having to reassure myself before even talking to this ass hat should have been a giant warning alarm but nooooooooo. Thus began six long months of me ignoring nearly every instinct to run until the internal screams got so loud I could hear nothing else. Sounds fun, doesn’t it. Doesn’t it!?!?

Our first attempt to chat got delayed due to Mr. Universe making a surprise appearance at the house…despite having moved out. Riiiiiiight?!? He just so happened to walk in the front door minutes before I was supposed to call Dun-Dun-Duuuuhn so I shot him a quick text to postpone our call. This was the first choice point presented where I could have just blown him off or cancelled altogether. Life line rejected.

Our rescheduled call ended up lasting nearly 90 minutes and consisted primarily of him telling me about his accomplishments. It was the longest ego trip I’d ever been privy to and I got off the phone wondering what the hell the purpose of the call was.

Just as I was about to chalk it up to being a “1 and done”, I got a text from him saying his “Higher Ups” (this is an important term to remember…you’ll hear it a lot) had approved him to give me a sneak peak of a new protocol he was working on.

Higher Ups???

I thought he worked for himself. Did he have a team of investors or advisors? Was he part of some larger group or association? Was this a pyramid scheme?? Or…could he be referring to…something not of this dimension…like spirit guides or something?

Choice point #2. I could have declined. Said thanks but no thanks. But nope. I was curious and again found myself thinking, “What real harm can come to me over the phone…”

Well, let me be the first to confirm that if you can conjure forth a demon from thin air, then you can actually talk to one over the phone…every day for six months.


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