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Consciously deciding how to share my heart

About a month ago, I did a session with a friend studying to be a medical intuitive.

The first area she was drawn to was my heart (4th chakra). . . no surprise there. I've often felt the flux between my heart being wide the fuck open & a desperate need to protect it from harm. #energycrack

Next she uncovered the belief structure that was interrupting the flow of energy. . . "to have love, I must go all in".

to have love, I must go all in

Good news, she said I was 75% able to release this belief. Bad news, I had no idea what the fuck it meant.

For weeks, I pondered it. . . unable to feel any connection to it. Fast forward to an #MDMA#trauma#therapy session I did this week. ((Yes, we ALL have traumas.))

In the session, I was shown how I've always feared that truly opening my heart to another might feel too overwhelming & unsafe. . . like love would flow out of my heart & flood the earth. #ida

I was shown how I had constructed the belief that a committed relationship was necessary to serve as a dam. . . a safe container to both give & receive love. The belief structure that "to have love, I must go all in".

Not only is this a belief that I know longer want to have but it's an energetic crack that I've had for god knows how long. The crack. . . that it's not ok to love someone outside of a traditional, committed relationship.

Here's why I know it's a crack. . . as an Aquarius, I don't tend to do well with 'traditional' things. I'm a natural rebel with her heart turned all the way on. #carebearstare I crave freedom.

Bringing that belief into my awareness & sealing up the crack means that for the first time I'm going to consciously decide how to share my heart & love someone.

What cracks do you have? Can you identify what beliefs you have consciously agreed to & which you've unconsciously adopted?

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