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Day 10: Moving on up

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Today I spent a good portion of the day helping one of my best friends move into her new house with her new husband (who is also a dear friend and wonderful human).  Let me be clear, I am NOT the friend that helps people move….nor do I ask friends to help me move for that very reason.  

However, when she asked, I didn’t hesitate to say yes (actually, I think I said “hell yes!”) because she’s more than just a friend, she’s family and that’s what family does….they help each other move.

As I was helping to unload the truck, it struck me how different her life is now.  A year ago she was my roommate and we’d spent the better part of a year laughing, crying, drinking, dancing, and traveling together.  Now, she’s newly married to her best friend of 12+ years after a rather short courtship, and they’re expecting what’s bound to be the most gorgeous baby to ever grace this planet.

Shortly after finding out she was pregnant, she told me she thought getting pregnant was the Universe’s way of making sure they stayed together.  No chance it wouldn’t work out…it had to.  She didn’t say it with any regret.  She said it with the full faith and trust that she was exactly where she was supposed to be…doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing…with the partner she was supposed to be doing it with.  

I’m sure if she’d had the option to plan things out, she might have shuffled the order a bit…added some time here or there..but she didn’t have that option and things were perfect anyway.

It struck me that I’ve spent so much time planning…or thinking about…what my life should look like that I didn’t always do what felt right.  I spent too much time in my head and not enough time in my heart…where the real answers are found.  

As I sit here tonight thinking about the day, I hope to do a better job of leading with my heart…taking the path that feels right but may not look the best on paper…of loving with my whole self…of trusting that everything happens for a reason.  I hope to find a love orchestrated – and blessed – by the Universe.

Thank you for everything you’ve taught me, Moon Pie.  xoxo


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