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Day 104: The best body and mind therapy I’ve ever experienced

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

It’s no secret that I visit shamans as a means to work through and release energetic traumas I carry in my body.  These traumas can wreak havoc…or at a minimum make life more difficult than it needs to be.

I remember my first visit.  I had no idea what a shaman was or what to expect.  Actually, I thought we were going to talk to ghosts.  I was way off base…unless you liken carrying the physical impact of childhood traumas to having a ghost follow you around…which isn’t a bad analogy actually.

I’ve yet to find a definition of shamans or shamanism that I like…that doesn’t make it sound a little like voodoo or black magic.  While there might be an element of that to it — meaning, there’s clearly something there that I don’t have the ability to tap into…yet — it’s far more grounded in the reality of our everyday world than you’d think if you’ve never been to one.

You know how if you’re in a car accident, your body carries both the physical impact of the accident as well as the emotional or energetic impact?  

Most of us have heard stories — or have personally experienced situations– where because of an accident, when our mind experiences something similar to that accident, our body reacts.  

Say for example you’re t-boned at an intersection because someone ran a red-light.  It’s not uncommon to relive the impact…feel the pain in body…unconsciously slow down approaching or driving through the intersection…or completely avoiding situations that bring back the memory of the pain.

Another example is an athlete that trains a particular move…shot…swing…over and over again so the reaction becomes engrained in both the mental and physical body.  You hear the gunshot to start the race and the body immediately explodes out of the starting blocks without the brain engaging.  The body knows to stay low…gradually rising to full speed with high knees…elbows tucked into the body…face relaxed.

It’s no different with the emotional baggage we carry around.  That baggage originated from an incident.  Maybe a parent yelled at us (repeatedly) for carrying on in the house until we learned to be quiet indoors out of fear of making our parents mad.  That fear of being loud settled into our body and resulted in us being timid…afraid to make loud noises, which included speaking up for ourselves.  We learned to hold things in…joy, laughter, words, energy.  

Now think of the human body as a mass of energy, which it is.  As with anything comprised of energy, there’s a flow to it.  It’s fluid but takes a form…and when energetic masses collide, they transfer energy..and this transfer of energy can change the energetic flow.  It’s the same with the body.  Bracing for any type of impact…physical, emotion or mental…transfers energy and changes the flow.  Suddenly, a healthy energy body isn’t in its original state anymore…it’s changed…it’s unhealthy.

You know those “buttons”…those “triggers”…we have?  The ones that we aren’t always aware of but when they are pushed we’re set off?  We get mad…cry…feel an emotion that seems to be completely out of place?  We misdirect anger at someone or a situation that doesn’t fit with the circumstances?  That’s because energetically we’re out of balance.  A trauma sits in the body and the body’s way of trying to release it is to draw attention to it…via a button or trigger.  

Unfortunately, we’re often unaware of what the body is trying to do.  We don’t “understand” how it’s trying to heal itself so we get caught up in the reaction…in the pain.  And this continues the cycle of hanging onto the trauma…may even cause more.

The shamans help to release these blockages…these traumas…to allow the energetic body to flow as it was originally intended…or at least closer to as it was intended.  The result is a reduction or elimination in the button…the trigger…that used to set us off.  The body doesn’t need the button anymore because the energy is realigned…so we don’t have the reaction…the mental anguish…the outburst…the regret.

Having been in therapy on and off for over 10 years, I knew – intellectually – my issues.  I knew my triggers.  I understood why they were there…but there were still there.  Therapy didn’t help me to release them…just to identify them.  I still couldn’t control my reaction…even though after the fact I knew the why.  In fact, it left me with more regret and shame for continuing to behave in ways I didn’t want to…in ways I knew I shouldn’t be, but I couldn’t help it.  Like an athlete, I was trained how to react when the gun went off…and I couldn’t unlearn that reaction.

The shamans didn’t care that I intellectually understood the issues, they helped me to get out of my head and into my body where the reaction…the impulse…existed.  To feel the trauma…and the associated button…and to release the energy.  And it works.  I’ve been in countless situations where I know how I would have reacted prior to the shamans yet I’m not behaving like I used to.  I’m remaining calm…happy…patient.  I’m not impacted…not reacting to an old pain.  It’s the best body and mind therapy I’ve ever experienced.

I’m sure there’s a better way to explain what shamans do, but this has been my experience.  I think everyone can benefit…it doesn’t matter your belief system…and I think everyone should try it, at least once.  We’re given one body during this lifetime, why not make sure it’s running in tip top shape?  

To my Shamans…thank you for your guidance…your patience…your talents.  You have helped me to change my life.  I’m becoming the person I was meant to be…happy, healthy, full of love, forgiveness, empathy.  I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be living the life I’m living without your help.  Much love, xoxo!!

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