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Day 112: Practice makes perfect

Updated: Dec 27, 2021


Yesterday I wrote about my epiphany that I’ve been standing in my own way for years…potentially my whole life…and that enough is enough.  

I know for some, reading is therapy. For me, it’s writing that is the therapy.  It frees me to release whatever it is I’m writing about.  The release…the shift…isn’t always immediate, but yesterday it kinda was.

I caught up with Princess Grace after lunch with Yinny and we headed out on our bikes…to look for office space.  She’s been wanting to move forward with our business idea for a while and was apparently waiting for me to catch up.

When I agreed to ride around downtown and Fountain Square, I didn’t know her intent.  But once she started pointing out buildings that were empty…offices that were vacant…for lease signs on walls, I quickly realized what she was up to.  And I had a choice to make…

I could revert back to my old way of thinking…come up with a handful of excuses…shoot down every place we rode by.  Orrrrrr…I could decide to step into my new life and take action.  I went with the latter.  We even managed to get into a space and talk with the leasing agent about our new business.

To my surprise, the words came easily.  It felt natural to talk about it.  It felt right to be moving in this direction…to be taking an action…to be doing something about my dreams.

In between riding around and looking at space, Mr. Universe and I were messaging about a puppy we’d found that we liked.  She was adorable and we wanted her.  After many, many messages and emails, we got comfortable enough to say we’d take her….so we’re picking her up tomorrow morning.

I’ve wanted a dog for years but wouldn’t allow myself to get one for a number of reasons…I travelled too much….worked too much…didn’t have a partner that was willing to share in the responsibilities…worried that it would upset Puzzle (my cat).  There was a laundry list of excuses.

No more.  I decided to toss all the excuses out the window and go with my gut. Did I want a dog?  Yes!  I’m that freaky person that runs up to every dog owner she sees and asks if she can pet their dog.  It’s time to get my own…so we are…just like that.

The psychic that I visited in Boulder said that Mr. Universe was in my life to help me continue to learn some life lessons (and vice versa).  That’s exactly what he’s doing.  I’ve finally met someone that likes to dream as much as I do…but unlike the old me, he takes action.  He doesn’t let grass grow beneath his feet.  Maybe I’m finally learning to do the same.  They say, practice makes perfect.


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