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Day 14: Oh the places I’ll go

Updated: Dec 18, 2021


I met a former co-worker for lunch today.  No, no….that’s not accurate…let me start again.  

I met a beautiful friend for lunch today.  We’d been trying to schedule the lunch since the day after my retirement which just so happened to be two weeks ago today.  She said that I’d been weighing on her heart for several months and that she’d been praying for me.  

We spent a good deal of time talking about her faith.  What it meant to her….how it changed — saved — her life…how praying for me ultimately brought her closer to God.  I wouldn’t call myself a non-believer exactly, but I certainly can’t define my beliefs with the conviction that she can.

I absolutely believe in a higher power.  That there’s something beyond explanation that pushes and pulls us all to be better humans.  I believe there are universal truths that cut across religious doctrines.  I believe that stories…whether of Jesus, Buddha, Hindu Deities, Greek Gods or whomever…are meant to teach us lessons, and it doesn’t matter if any or all of them actually happened – that’s not the point.  

I believe in the Universe.  The energy that created it…the energy that exists in it…and the energy that we each create as a part of it.  I believe that the Divine exists within each and every one of us and that it’s up to each human to live in a such a way that honors that Spirit.

For my friend, God speaks directly to her.  Guiding her to and along her path – the path He has chosen for her….and I’m lucky enough to be a friend traveling along her path.  

For me, it’s not quite so clear…not yet anyway.  I’m still trying to figure it out.  Still learning to see the signs…trust the voice…intuit the path.  I know I’m heading in the right general direction because of all the wonderful souls that I’m experiencing along the way…cheering me on…sharing their stories…listening to and reading mine.

As we parted ways, my friend gave me the retirement gifts that she’d so graciously held for me since my going away party.  Each gift a heartfelt tribute to my past, present, and/or future.  

The Tito’s I’ll use to toast friends in their past successes and to counsel them through their troubles.  

The Word Cloud hangs in the most prominent place in my house.  I’ll see it every day and be reminded of the impact I made in the lives of others…something that I didn’t realize but now I’ll never forget.  

The Dr. Seuss book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”…what a perfect book! I’ll keep it on or near my desk so I can see it each time I write…or search the Internet for a new adventure.  As I read the story, tears streaming down my face, I was struck by how perfect this story really is for where I find myself  To paraphrase….

I have brains in my head and feet in my shoes.  I can steer myself in any direction I choose.  I’m on my own and I know what I know.  And I’m the gal who’ll decide where to go….

Somehow I’ve escaped all that waiting and staying.  I’ll find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing…

Whether I like it or not, alone will be something I’ll be quite a lot.  And when I’m alone, there’s a very good chance I’ll meet things that scare me right out of my pants….

On and on I will hike.  And I will hike far and face up to my problems whatever they are…

I’ll get mixed up, of course, as I already know.  I’ll get mixed up with many strange birds as I go.  So I’ll be sure when I step to step with care and great tact and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act….


And will I succeed?  Yes, I will, indeed!

Whether by the grace of God…the enlightenment of Buddha…the energy of the Universe…or the rhymes of Dr. Seuss…I’m sure I will find what I’m searching for.

To those that I encounter along the way, thank you for your love, support, and guidance as you help to light my path.  And to my beautiful friend that I got to have lunch with today, thank you for the Book…for your prayers…for your friendship, BB.  You’re helping to make me a better human.  I promise to do my best to pay it forward.


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