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Day 141: Mirror, mirror on the wall

Updated: Dec 29, 2021


As children we probably heard that recited or repeated it hundreds of times, but as adults how often do we look in the mirror and ask ourselves questions?  And when I say, “look in the mirror”, I’m talking about looking at ourselves…into our own eyes…inside…and asking questions.  Questions for which the answers reside within.

Today I did just that.  Except rather than looking in the mirror, I held my newly purchased pendulum and asked three questions that have been weighing on my mind…or maybe my heart.

The first time I touched a pendulum was Saturday.  Princess Grace, Alaskan Root, and I went to the shamans to learn to balance chakras.  Part of the process is to use a pendulum to determine if a chakra is balanced or not by holding it over the chakra location and watching to see which way the pendulum swings.

To my surprise…astonishment…near horror (in a good way), the pendulum actually moved when I held it!  To determine what is “yes” and “no” for each person, you make a statement that you know to be true.  Like, “My name is Candy.”  Whichever direction the pendulum swings is your “yes”.  Then you do the same thing to determine your “no”.  Like, “My name is Nancy.”

Turns out there are micro muscle responses that react to statements we make…one type of response for “yes” answers and another for “no” and that’s what the pendulum is picking up on.  It’s reading the answers to your questions…answers that are contained within the body — or the mirror, so to speak.

I was so fascinated about the pendulum that we headed over to Playful Soul so I could buy one.  There, hanging on a display stand were about five pendulums of various sizes and colors.  I was immediately drawn to a large white crystal shaped like a giant diamond.  I held it and said “My name is Candy” and it made the biggest, perfectly shaped circles I’d seen that day.

Because there were other ones to pick from…and this one didn’t seem like one I’d normally pick…I held each crystal and did the same exercise to see which one felt right.  None of the other crystals reacted like the first one…essentially, I felt like the crystal had picked me…so I bought it.

Since bringing it home, I’ve done the “Candy v Nancy” exercise several times. Each time with the same result.  So today, I decided to ask three questions that had started to settle into my consciousness.  Typically, these types of questions would work their way through my system in various manners.  Maybe I’d become acutely aware of language…watch for signs…pay close attention to dreams…begin to let self-doubt seep in.

Instead of doing any of that, I decided to ask my crystal (who I have aptly named “Crystal”.  I know it’s not clever but I swear that’s what she wants to be called.)  The three questions I asked stemmed from a dream I had a couple of nights ago.  In the dream, Mr. Universe was being unusually cold…distant…combative.  I could feel the sensation in my dream that he didn’t love me anymore.

Now before I go too far…I know this was a dream.  But I also know that dreams communicate things to us via our subconscious that our conscious or awakened mind isn’t ready to deal with yet.  It’s a way of introducing thoughts…ideas…concerns for us to begin to deal with on a conscious level.

Knowing that, my dream indicates that there’s a part of me that is worried that as I become more attached, he may drift away.  Because there were mediums and other slightly “non traditional” people and icons in the dream, I know that my fear stems from the perceived gap that exists between our belief systems.  That I’m probably afraid that as I step further into this aspect of my own being, that he’ll take a couple steps back.

As the dream came to an end, I was sitting across from three mediums as Mr. Universe knocked on the door and said it was time to go.  I reached into my bag to pay them for their guidance and noticed that my bag was full of toys.  As I removed the toys from my bag, a voice — a voice I’ve heard before that exists outside of myself — said,

“Let go of the dream”.  

That could mean any number of things but the most likely interpretation…given what I was doing… removing toys from my bag to leave behind…is to give up on the dream of having children.

And that’s how it happens.  That’s how seeds are planted and questions begin to bubble up.  Sometimes the questions are great because you’re forced to really think about what you want rather than continuing on autopilot.  

So that’s what I did today.  

With Crystal in hand, I asked three questions by way of positive statements…(

  1. I am in love with Mr. Universe...

  2. I’m going to have a baby with Mr. Universe…

  3. I’m going to marry Mr. Universe.  

[If you don’t want to know what the crystal said, stop reading now….]

For all three questions, the crystal circled in a clockwise fashion…which is my “yes” response.  And because I’m a Type A personality, I needed greater specifics so I followed up with a couple additional questions/statements…

3a. I’m going to marry Mr. Universe this year…

3b. I’m going to marry Mr. Universe in 2015... 

For each, Crystal moved back and forth.  

That was new…I intuitively felt it was a “yes, but” or a “yes, sort of, but you aren’t saying it right”.  

So I said…

3c. I’m going to marry Mr. Universe on New Year’s Eve…which is something that the witches and I joked around about in Boulder.  

And that damn Crystal spun clockwise.

So there you have it…four predictions via my pendulum.  All things that we’ll eventually be able to see if they’re accurate or not.  Things that some will advise I shouldn’t have published because now Mr. Universe can directly influence the outcome…or run screaming for the hills.  But IF they do happen, no one would ever believe that my pendulum predicted them before hand if I didn’t publish them now.  So, here’s to trusting in a higher power…and the intentions of those reading.


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