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Day 142: A manifesting son of a bitch

Updated: Dec 29, 2021


As I was driving from a morning meeting to the grocery and checking whether anyone had signed up for SUP today, it struck me that almost everything I’d been dreaming about…wishing for…manifesting…is happening.

For years I’ve wanted to teach yoga but didn’t have the time to commit to it…nor the energy available to even sub.  

This year, I started subbing and joined forces with Invoke to be their SUP intro/yoga teacher.  Teaching SUP (stand up paddle board) classes has been amazing.  

I get to spend time doing something I love and sharing the joy that comes from being on the water.  I’m having so much fun, I started dreaming about what I want to teach next…and have some ideas…

I’ve also spent the last couple of years talking about how I wanted to get more involved in my community…but again, I didn’t feel like I could dedicate the time because I never knew when I was going to be on the road for an extended period of time.  And when I do something, I want to really do it.  I don’t want to half ass it…be unreliable.  If I’m in, I’m in.

Today I attended my second 2015 Monumental Yoga planning session.  To be a part of this…of something that I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed participating in…is heartwarming to say the least.  I’m honored to be able to help bring such an amazing event to the City…to be able to incorporate two things I love so much: Indianapolis and yoga.

And then there’s Sheba…perfect little Sheba.  

It was about two years ago when I said I wanted a puppy.  I knew at the time I didn’t have the lifestyle to own a dog but something inside me told me to say it out loud anyway.  To start dreaming and thinking about what it would be like. Going on walks…runs…meeting other neighborhood dogs while we’re out and about.  As I type this, Sheba is laying at my feet…stretched out…smiling…and so am I.

I distinctly remember telling my life coach about a year ago that I didn’t see myself working a normal 9 to 5 job again.  That I saw myself working several jobs that I loved…hustling from gig to gig…appointment to appointment…with plenty of time to enjoy my dog…my boyfriend…my life (and yes, all that was in the mix as I envisioned how I’d be spending my time).  

Here I sit, retired but on the payroll and/or sub roll at various places while I work with two lovely partners to open a business…playing with my dog and living with my boyfriend.

I’ve dreamt of starting my own business for years…years…but never really knew what I’d do.  When coaching came to mind, it immediately felt like something I was supposed to do.  

Once I decided to get out of my own way and remove an unnecessary condition of getting an international accreditation, the opportunity to start a business with two amazing and inspiring women feel right into place.  We’re on target to open at the end of the month/early next…and for the most part, it’s been a cake walk.

Last but certainly not least is Mr. Universe….meeting him alone felt like a major manifestation (see Day 52).  I think it was Kilo I told that I basically wanted to date a male version of myself.  That may sound egotistical but that’s not why I said it.  Knowing my own compulsions and OCD-like tendencies, I figured it might just be easier to find someone that was really similar.  

While Mr. Universe might not look similar on the surface, he’s remarked numerous times at how much alike we are.  So much so that we’ve had to try to stop asking the other to do things…because we’re usually in the process of doing it when the request is posed.  It’s like being a synchronized swimming pair and having the other one constantly telling you when to breathe.

And let’s not forget my Colorado tiny house dream…just earlier this week Mr. Universe said he wanted to move to Colorado…build a house (although he said “medium sized”, not tiny) and enjoy the quiet, simpler life.  I was painting our new office when I read the message and nearly fell off the ladder.  He had no idea about my tiny house fetish or the dream to nestle one in the valley of a mountain…in Colorado…

I guess all this is to say, don’t be so careful about what you say…or dream about…or wish for.  If it’s in your heart, let it out.  Write it down…tell a friend…say it to the Universe…and then step back and see what happens.  If it’s something you really want, the Universe will conspire to make it happen.

Hrmmmmm, what do I want to manifest next….


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