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Day 144: You are God

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

She may annoy you with her accent or use of fowl language (both of which, I happen to like).  She may turn you off with her depiction of organized religion, but I ask that you put your biases aside and listen to what she’s saying.

Like her, I believe God (aka Source, Universe…whatever word you use to describe the power that created us…assuming you believe that we were created…) resides within each of us.  That that magical, all encompassing love resides in our heart center.   And therefore, each of us is God.  I am God.  You are God.

This drives our understanding of right and wrong…and it fuels our power to forgive.

I agree that fear, not hate, is the opposite of love…that God/Universe (the word I typically use) is love and the Devil/evil/ego is fear.  That we are each comprised of both love and fear…God and the Devil…Heaven and Hell…and we get to consciously choose which from which place we live.

I also agree that our lives…this world…are a manifestation of what we believe. That all the chaos, sadness, illness, poverty is a manifestation of what we carry within ourselves and are outwardly projecting.  

Think how easy it is to focus on the negative in every day life…to get caught up in the gossip…to put others down to make ourselves feel better…all that energy creates…well, energy.  We manifest a life…lives…a world…full of fear, sadness, loathing, hate.  

The power to change starts with each of us individually.  If enough of us tap into this power of positivity…of goodness…of love…of God…think what we could manifest….

Heaven on earth.


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