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Day 148: When eating shit…

Updated: Dec 30, 2021


A good friend messaged me yesterday after reading Day 147 and reminded me of another old adage that applies to many a circumstance…

“If you’re gonna eat shit, take big bites.”

It’s true of almost any situation.  There will be times when we have to do something…or take something…or swallow our pride…and it’s gonna feel like shit.  When that happens, it’s best to just belly up and do it quick…don’t drag it out…take big bites.

For me, that often comes in having to admit I’m wrong.  Or worst, when I don’t feel that I’m wrong but for the sake of a relationship realize it’s best to swallow my pride…back down…and eat a little shit.

It never really tastes good except when you get a little perspective and can see the bigger picture (maybe the elephant). Then it’s a little easier to realize that it might not have actually been shit…it might have just been some dark, bitter chocolate…or maybe a Baby Ruth.

But “eating it” made all the difference in silencing an argument…squelching a disagreement…ending a standoff.  And in the process, maybe it built a little character…at a minimum, it built a bridge.

So when it’s time to eat shit, remember it’s best to take big bites, swallow fast, and then brush your teeth.  No one needs to smell your mistakes.


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