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Day 149: We are the company we keep

Updated: Dec 30, 2021


As I thought about this the other day, I started to think about the people that I’ve surrounded myself….the new people that have entered my life…the long-time friends that are still with me…and the friends that I’ve grown distant from…and why.

In some cases, the distance is situational and not purposeful. But with most of my friends, I can pinpoint the exact traits and characteristics that draw me to them…as well as the ones that might draw them to me.

It’s beautiful how clear I can see their purpose in my life…at least at this moment.  In most cases, I can see the path for continued growth and evolution…hopefully spawning friendships/relationships that last years…decades…lifetimes.

Likewise, I can see how some relationships have begun to fall apart.  None have been sudden…or consciously purposeful….or malicious.  They have organically…naturally…transitioned to a different intensity.  Serving a purpose that is more reflective in nature.

In any and all of the relationships, I’m grateful that I can step back and see how each has served me and I, them.  How we were placed in each other’s lives to serve…to elicit growth…change…evolution.  

As I think about each person, I see their light…their lesson for me.  I see how with them by my side…or helping to prop me up from behind…I will continue to aspire to greater and greater heights.

To everyone that is in my life…has been in my life…and will step into it in the future…thank you…thank you…thank you.


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