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Day 166: There’s always enough time in the day

Updated: Dec 31, 2021


Turns out I probably always will but part of the key to managing the drive…the push to do more…is to remember that

“there’s always enough time in the day”.

After he said it, I chuckled a little.  I’d been telling myself something similar for weeks.  I’d been saying,

“You’ll get to what you get to. There’s plenty of time.”  

And it was working.  

Seemed like no matter what was on the day’s agenda…no matter how much there was to accomplish…no matter what else popped up and created a diversion…somehow each day, I managed to get to everything on the list.

I used to start a task and finish it all the way to completion out of fear that something would come up…distract me..and the task would go unfinished.

But today I noticed that execution of my to do lists has become far more organic.  I allow my tasks to flow seamlessly into one another.  What started as putting my laundry away flowed into making a stack of things for Goodwill which led me downstairs somehow and before I knew it I was putting out a new bird feeder and cleaning the old one then I was back in the house putting blankets and towels away.  

Before I knew it, we were in the car driving to Goodwill to drop off all the stuff that I’d been stashing in the basement.  And now, we’re driving home from running a series of errands and I’m writing my blog.  We’ll run…make dinner…play with the dog…watch a movie…go to bed and start a new day with a new list.

And somehow tomorrow…organically…everything will get done plus some because “there’s always enough time in the day.”


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