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Day 177: Going in without a plan

Updated: Dec 31, 2021


Thanks to the cooler than normal temps, it’s been about a week since I taught my last SUP class.  Prior to that, my process was to create a new flow each Monday that I’d teach throughout the week.  No two class were ever exactly the same but the general gist of what I taught to the classes throughout the week would be similar.  Until this week.

It’s Friday and I’m finally teaching a class.  I thought about putting together a class plan but why?  I have two classes tomorrow (Saturday) and maybe one on Sunday…and we’re done for the season.  Surely I could just pull one of my previous classes from memory and go with that.

But once I got out on the water…chatted with the students…I decided to teach what felt right.  I decided to go in without a plan and put postures together based on what my body wanted to do…based on what I wanted to teach the students to do.

In addition to the three students, I had the privilege of teaching Princess Grace. I thought about telling her prior to class that I didn’t have a plan but held my tongue.  I wanted to see if she’d realize it.  If it would be obvious.

To my credit (yes, I’m patting myself on the back a bit here), Princess Grace enjoyed the class.  When I told her I made it up as we went along, she told me that it worked.  That it flowed well.  Didn’t feel made up…it felt planned.  I couldn’t be happier.

You see, that’s how I handled much of my career.  Eventually, I’d gotten to the point where I’d faced the majority of situations that came my way.  I mean, there are only so many ways to skin a cat.  My job became second nature…it was like breathing.  So gradually, I spent less and less time preparing as the job just became a part of me.

Today was the first step in that direction with yoga.  Gone were the nerves…the feeling that I needed to be prepared — overly prepared.  Gone was the fear of forgetting a sequence…of stumbling over my words…of failing to give a proper verbal cue.

In its place was confidence…ease…a peacefulness that comes from having a firm grasp of what I’m doing.  In its place I found a stillness that comes from teaching from the heart, instead of the head.

My plan was to go in without a plan…and it worked.


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