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Day 178: The no plan continues

Updated: Dec 31, 2021


The plan is to walk off the plane, find a car rental deal, and book a hotel last minute at a steal.  From there, we’ll venture around from town to town doing the same for four more days.  

On one hand, the idea of stealing a hotel room at a crazy rate because they just want a body in rather than have the room vacant makes me giddy.  But then the side of my brain that likes to know the where, when, how of life gets a little anxious.

This will be good for me though.  I’ll be out of my comfort zone…on many levels…traveling around without a plan.  I mean technically, the plan is to have no plan…but still.


Tonight over dinner we’ll identify the cities/towns we want to visit.  Activities that we want to get in before heading back…and that’s about it.

I’ve never done this on my own, let alone with a man.  But I trust that everything is going to work out…I mean, I’m a dating a man affectionately and accurately nicknamed ‘Mr. Universe’.  How can it not work out…


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