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Day 180: A new perspective

Updated: Jan 1, 2022


I was a little nervous about the (lack of a) plan until today.  It kinda feels a bit like I’ve been living…taking each day as it comes…with a bit of an agenda but not much.  Staying open to the possibilities and changing priorities as needed.

As I drove away from dropping Sheba and Puzzle with my parents, I was struck by how happy I felt.  I was expecting to be super sad…twice as sad as when I’d leave Puzzle because I was leaving both of them.  But I wasn’t sad.  I was excited for the animals to spend time at grandma’s…and to have each other there.  But more than that, I think I was excited because I finally didn’t feel alone.

For the first time in a long, long time, I’m taking a trip with a boyfriend and I’m excited about it.  I’m not leaving someone behind or flying off to meet someone.  I’ll have my someone buckled up in the seat next to me and we’ll fly off together….gaining a new perspective.


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