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Day 183: A craving

Updated: Jan 1, 2022


Red Rocks is an amazing venue.  Carved into a mountain and overlooking Denver, it offers a breathtaking view and ambiance unlike any other place I’ve seen a concert.  Oh, and the band wasn’t bad either… ;).

There’s just something about mixing music and the outdoors that makes me happy.

Because we’ve spent time traveling from town to town, a good portion of the trip has been spent in the car.  

Don’t get me wrong, the sights have been awesome but I have to admit that I’ve felt a level of disconnection with my surroundings that I’m not used to experiencing on trips, especially in a state that has come to signify ‘the outdoors’ to me.

So when we finally ‘land’ for the day/evening, all I want to do is get outside.  Walk…hike…or even just sit outside.  It’s what my body craves and my soul needs to feel connected to my surroundings.

I’ve always detested spending time in a hotel room.  The artificial air…inability to open windows…manufactured comfort.  There’s very little I find comforting about a hotel besides wanting it to offer a nice place to sleep…convenience to attractions…amenities so I can be active.

So as we round the corner toward the end of our trip, I’m becoming frustrated.  I hope to remedy this with some outdoor social time this evening…and a trip to Boulder tomorrow.  Although admittedly,  knowing I have to crawl into a car to get there makes it just a little less appealing.  But I’ll make do.  It’s Boulder after all.


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